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New passive member of LAFV - Advocatur Seeger, Frick & Partner AG

The law firm Seeger, Frick & Partner AG is a generalist law firm and offers the classic services such as representation before courts and authorities.

Over the last few years, the firm has been able to acquire an excellent standing, particularly in the area of financial market law. The firm is active in the following areas:

- Advice on questions of investment fund law
- Drafting securities prospectuses
- Advice to insurance companies
- Advice to e-money institutions
- Advice to banks
- Due diligence in the acquisition of the above companies
- Support for the above-mentioned companies during their foundation and also during their liquidation.

The firm has also been active in this area with publications. Recently, for example, with an article on the Securities Prospectus Ordinance in the Liechtenstein Law Journal LIZ, issue no. 4, p. 309.