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AAA rating with stable outlook confirmed for Liechtenstein

As the government informs in its media release, the international rating agency S&P Global confirms Liechtenstein's country rating with the top grade triple-A with stable outlook in its research update of 31 May 2021.

In its report, the rating agency acknowledges the positive result of the national accounts 2020 and the good financial position of the public budgets. These would provide the necessary scope for the country, especially in difficult times. The Liechtenstein economy exhibits a high degree of resilience, as evidenced by the low increase in the unemployment rate despite the COVID 19 pandemic. In this regard, the government support services would also have their effect. Following the pandemic-related downturn, the rating agency expects the economy to recover significantly. The analysts also expect a positive development for the state budget in the coming years. The great importance of Liechtenstein's forward-looking and active policy is once again underlined. S&P Global is of the opinion that under these conditions Liechtenstein is well equipped for the tasks ahead and can maintain its strong fiscal and economic position.