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Nico Rischmann
Plenum Investments AG

The Financial Market Authority in Liechtenstein successfully offers added value within the context of investment fund regulation. Fast processes are just one example.

Daniel Riediker
Alegra Capital Ltd

With a service quality that is at least at the standard of other well-known investment fund centres, Liechtenstein offers significantly lower costs for the launch of funds and short processing times of one to two weeks for the authorisation of funds.

Dr. Harald Staudinger
ASPOMA Asset Management GmbH

Individual solutions and flexibility on the part of the fund administrator, as well as of the custodian, are necessary for the implementation and realisation of our investment fund projects and investment strategies. Our Liechtenstein partners offer precisely this individual service.

Siro Zanovello
OpenFunds Investment Services AG

Liechtenstein offers such great opportunities and services that I am convinced that the fund center will grow enormously in the coming years.

Peter Zeier
Quantex AG

Working together as equal partners – that is for us the central aspect of the long-term partnership with our Liechtenstein management company.

Dr. Rainer Grünig
Plenum Investments AG

In my opinion, an important factor are the costs, which are significantly lower in Liechtenstein compared to other typical cross-border locations.

Markus Bachmann
Craton Capital

When expanding Craton Capital in Europe, we compared the established fund domiciles and came down unequivocally in favour of Liechtenstein. Professional, uncomplicated, personal, pragmatic and above board are the attributes that we associate with Liechtenstein as a place to do business.

Charles Isaac
B&I Capital

Very good service, short decision-making channels and transparent costs together with European access for the funds have proven their worth for B&I Capital and continue to represent an important pillar of our business model.

Markus Tölke
MRB Fund Partners AG

A fund under Liechtenstein law offers everything we need. In terms of stamp duty, it is treated the same as a Swiss fund, which is very important for our main distribution market, Switzerland. In addition, it can be distributed in Europe via EU passporting. We want to keep this option open, even if a fund is currently only offered in our home market.

Ralph Früh
Früh & Partner Vermögensverwaltung AG

From my point of view, the most important change in Liechtenstein was that of becoming a tax-compliant financial centre on an equal footing with other European countries. Among other things, this was the decisive factor for the foundation of Früh & Partner Vermögensverwaltung in Liechtenstein.

Dr. Rainer Grünig
Plenum Investments AG

We have noted that in recent years there has been an enormous professionalization of Liechtenstein as a fund location, both in terms of providers and supervision.

Dr. Harald Staudinger
ASPOMA Asset Management GmbH

Our target investors are drawn from the EU region as well as from Switzerland. Liechtenstein meets the requirements of both investor segments. For us, this is the ideal solution.

Daniel Gonzenbach
HighValue Partners

For over 16 years the Liechtenstein investment fund centre has enjoyed our complete confidence. We have profited from the immense experience of our management company and have always been able to implement the latest regulatory requirements for our fund without difficulty.

Nico Rischmann

Plenum Investments AG

The Liechtenstein investment fund centre has a clear positioning – flexible, cost-effective and dynamic.

Markus Töllke
MRB Fund Partners AG

In Liechtenstein, the processes for setting up a fund are clearly regulated and can be planned.

Hannes Fahrnberger

No national debt, a secure currency, political stability and a high level of legal certainty are outstanding arguments in favour of the Liechtenstein financial centre for both providers and clients.

Alessandro Ciocca
Alean Capital AG

We have for many years valued the excellent services and effectiveness of the regulatory system at the Liechtenstein financial centre.

Hakan Semiz
swisspartners AG

What we value about the Liechtenstein investment fund centre are the short decision-making channels and the prompt implementation of the Financial Market Authority as well as of our management companies.

Siro Zanovello
OpenFunds Investment Services AG

Liechtenstein is a very solid location, it is politically stable and has a AAA rating. Liechtenstein is clearly our absolute favorite in terms of funds, where we are also planning our future projects.